The Cats

All 3 of our barn cats were adopted as “Feral Cats” when the local animal shelter begged farmers to share their barns last summer. We were warned that they were “VICIOUS”… but no one apparently told them this.

So, they are the friendliest little sweeties…

Our only complaint is that they sometimes want to share their love by leaving live and sometimes less alive animal gifts on the porch….snakes, moles, squirrels, birds, frogs, mice, etc

And, due to the incident we like to call “Bare feet and Live Snakes are Scary”…..we’ve learned to put on shoes BEFORE stepping outside.





We just adopted Stella in November 2020. She was at our local shelter and literally called out to us. Then after we held her, she cried as we put her back in her cage. And afterwards, we placed our hand on the glass to say goodbye, but she placed her paw there too. How could we not bring her home at that point? It was too much! She chose us, and we’re so thankful!

She is our first indoor kitten, and we can’t begin to describe how much we love her. She is a precious addition to the family!

Meet the Rest of the Farm Family

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