So, in keeping with the mission of Serenity Valley, we’d like to celebrate experiences that have taught us something new, nurtured our personal lives, enriched our family life, or just simply offered an act of kindness that helps to make this world a brighter place.

Often we take note of the sad news stories, the negative reviews, and the many injustices that take place regularly.  And, while it is healthy to understand what is going on around us, it’s also even more empowering to celebrate the things that inspire, motivate, and encourage us to think higher, deeper, and more lovingly.

So, while we call this, our REVIEWS page, please note that we will NEVER post a negative review. If you see something posted on this page, rest assured that it is here because it has been an honest, positive experience or product that left us feeling just a little smarter, happier, or blessed. 

We hope you enjoy!



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