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Barnyard Mixes

$3 (per chick)

All Chicks are Straight Run

Here at Serenity Valley, we have 2 roosters currently. One is the giant Buff Brahma (pictured) and a Light Bantam Brahma Rooster as well.

We have an incredible mix of hens including Buff Brahmas, Dominiques, Silkies, Speckled Sussex, Easter Eggers, Starlight Green Eggers, Various Marans, Black Asians, California Whites, etc.

So, while we can’t guarantee a purebred chicken, we can be pretty sure they will be a gorgeous bird and wonderful if you’re looking for eggs production or just simply a pet.

Currently Available

**All of our chicks have found homes, but we will have new ones available around 3/22. Please keep checking back!**

The last 4 of the this batch are still available. They are 6 weeks old currently. (Breed listed below):

2 Buff Brahmas

1 California White/ Buff Brahma

1 Starlight Green Egger/ Buff Brahma

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