Available Goat Babies

These babies are available now, but we also have 1 week old twins, Jack and Jill (see pics below), who will be available in 7 weeks. And we have quite a few pregnant mamas that will be delivering any day.

*We are not comfortable selling bottle babies, so all babies will be at least 8 weeks before going to new homes.*


Doeling: Born 12/26/2020


This adorable and spunky doeling has the funniest personality we’ve seen in a goat. She was up hopping when she was 10 minutes old and has not stopped yet. She has not been handled a ton, but can be a fun pet for sure with a little treat bribery. Noel is 3/4 Alpine and 1/4 Kiko (she is almost solid black with a small white stripe on her right side).

$150 Adoption Fee

Feel Free to Message with Any Questions

Comet & Nick

Twins Bucklings: Born 12/24/2020


These beautiful twins were born just hours before our first big snow of the year, on Christmas Eve. They are GORGEOUS and mild-mannered. Have not been handled a ton, but with their sweet natures, I’m sure either one will make wonderful pets or excellent Breeding Bucks. Their father is a full fainter who is super handsome (Check out Buckwheat on our goat page), and their mother is an Alpine/Kiko Blend.

*Comet is the Light Tri-color, and Nick is the Chocolate Tri-color*

$150 a piece

Feel Free to Message with Any Questions

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are always glad to hear from you!

We’re sending Blessings from the farm!

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