Help Wanted……

Today, we finally added the “Herd Billy” to Serenity Valley Farm. He is a Full- Blooded Fainter, with a super sweet disposition….and a REALLY GREAT HEAD OF HAIR……

The herd loved him, the puppies loved him….so now all he needs is a name…..

And, to be honest, we’re fresh out of ideas. So we’d love your help. Can you think of a great name for “Mr.Billy”???

The rest of the big herd all have “plant names”…..Clover, Daisy, Rosie, and Poppy….so plant related names would follow the pattern. BUT, we’re open to any suggestions….. Feel free to comment below!!!!

As our new member adjusts, we’ll try to post more pics of the herd.

But for now, thank you in advance for your help naming our new friend, and as always: we’re sending…….

*** UPDATE: Thank you all for the Submissions….After much thought, we’ve decided the name BUCKWHEAT fits him perfectly.****

Blessings From the Farm!!!!

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