More Progress on the Farm

As the summer is waning, we are making strides to keep growing and changing on the farm. We are learning more about animal care and more about how to fix up this farm. And, while it has been over a year, and sometimes I think we haven’t done enough, we’re starting to see visible improvements instead of just demo or trash removal.

So, while every room still has many projects left to finish, and we have made an extensive list that will probably keep growing even when we check off some of the boxes, at least we have a direction to head. And, the same is true of livestock/pet care. We are learning how to do much of the routine care on our own, but as we have so many precious animals to care for, the only way we could keep it straight is another list …….(see our whiteboard schedule below….it’s not pretty but definitely is functional)…..

Whiteboard Projects

And, this weekend was a great opportunity to conquer some of these jobs. So, we started by Worming, Trimming Hooves, Flea/Tick Treating, and Giving Supplements to the goats, horses, and dogs. To accomplish this task, we set up the farm truck as the “Care Station” and cycled through all of the care with teamwork, heavy lifting, treats, petting, and lots and lots of sweat. BUT IT WAS FUN!!!!!

Animal Station

Another project we accomplished this weekend was painting the Garden Shed. I’ve always wanted a barn red outbuilding, so we painted just one so far and will post pics as we redo more of the buildings…..



Sunflowers in Bloom

Another project that The Dave has been working on is our kitchen wall. Because of the disrepair of the wall treatments, we had to create something for the bottom two-thirds of the wall, so Dave has been handmaking a unique work of art from materials we’ve found on the farm. It is turning out to be beautiful, but we’ll post finished pics soon.

Not finished yet, but will be beautiful soon….

And, there were so many other projects we worked on such as clearing the field, cleaning the porch, gardening, sanitizing troughs, exercising the horses….and all other the other things that go along with having a farm. But, there is such a rewarding feeling when you go to bed at night knowing that it was a day well spent.

More Farm Pics from this Weekend…….

But as we continue to vacillate in our days between outside work, farm work, family time, and fun, I’m reminded of the Lord who gave so much in order for us to not just be saved but to be filled with a vibrant and full life as we follow Him.

So as we walk His path in faith and trust, let’s celebrate knowing He will guide and care for us every step of the way.

The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in this sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”

Isaiah 58:11

And as always, thanks for joining us, and we’re sending…..

Blessings From the Farm!!!!!!!!!!

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