A Day of Celebration

Today was Easter which is special every year. It’s our chance to celebrate the sacrificial love of the Lord, and with the change into spring weather, it’s like there is a feeling of freshness, possibilities, and excitement in the air.

And, for the first time in our 18 years of marriage, Dave and I had the opportunity to celebrate Easter and our Anniversary on the same day. So, we decided to spend time with the family celebrating Resurrection Sunday, the love we’ve shared together for 18 years, and the farm that is a culmination of years of prayers and longing for the life we only dreamed might one day come to fruition.

Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we’ve been given a brand-new life and have everything to live for, including a future in heaven…..and the future starts now!

1 Peter 1:4

As strange as it may sound, we know that God orchestrated putting so many details into place for us to become the caretakers of Serenity Valley Farm, and my prayer today is that we acknowledge thankfulness at our new life, recognizing that we have EVERYTHING to live for because of the Lord’s sacrifice…..and it starts NOW!!!! So, today, as we adventured, I had the opportunity to capture special moments on camera, and my prayer is to share these as an act of thankfulness for the gifts from the Lord.

Lord, may we all take a moment to celebrate the enormous gift you’ve given in heaven and here on earth. Please allow us to slow down every now and then to celebrate and delight in the brand-new life you have provided for us here on earth. Thank you for loving us! Amen!

Feel free to enjoy these moments on the farm, and click here to view them in the gallery.

Thanks for joining us, and we’re sending Blessings From the Farm!

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