Running With The Big Boys

Yesterday Miss Bonnie had her first opportunity to play with the big dogs in the yard.

But first, a little backstory of the big boys…….

Billy is our really old poodle that we adopted from a shelter when he was already 9 years old. He was already pretty set in his ways and still does NOT like to share food or to deal with puppies.

But, about 5 months ago, we were given an interesting puppy (who is now 7 months old) named Drake. He was born at a Malamute breeder’s home, and his mom is a Malamute/Wolf Hybrid. But his dad was a Brittany Spaniel who snuck over from the neighbor’s yard to “visit”…..When the mama had her puppies, the breeder decided to give these puppies away since they were not full-blooded. We had no idea what Drake, the Brittany-Malamute, would look or act like as he grew, but to say he’s lovable is probably the ultimate understatement. He’s precious, loves everyone, and thinks that life is one big happy adventure.

So fast forward to yesterday when Bonnie entered the yard with the big boys….. We weren’t sure what they all would think of each other, so we hung out to mediate. And, as we figured, Billy did not want Bonnie near the food. In his old grumpy way, he let Bonnie know that she was not welcome. But something so sweet happened before we had time to jump in…….

Sweet Drake took pity on Bonnie and wedged himself between her and Billy and sat with Bonnie to make sure she had food and was safe. First, he sat towering over her to protect; then he moved to the side to watch over her. And finally, after he had calmed the scene, he ate food in the feeder next to her. How he knew to do this, I’ll never know. But, I learned so much from this interaction and was again reminded of God’s handiwork and lessons we can gather through His creations.

By yourself, you’re unprotected. With a friend, you can face the worst.

Ecclesiastes 4:12 MSG

Drake taught Bonnie the power of friendship in their sweet puppy ways, and I stopped to pray a prayer of reminder and thanks…..

Lord, please allow us to take time to be thankful for those true friends around us. And, I pray we may also reflect for a minute of the friend that we embody for others. May we also be aware of the needs of our friends and jump in to help them “face the worst”.


Blessings from the Farm

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