Christmas Prayer

As I sit by my family in the living room…..with my computer….in front of the TV… divided mind is focusing on so many things like: 

“What’s left to do before Christmas?”

“Can I fit in all my clients before Christmas?”

“Why doesn’t it seem that our teenagers feel the magic of Christmas like they used to when they were little? And, how can I help facilitate the joy in our home?”

“Why do I feel so confused inside?” 

“Ooh. But wait….I forgot a present. Can Amazon still deliver in time?”

“Is this how all adults feel at Christmas?”

And finally,

“I should be bringing  joy to others this season, and all I’m doing is complaining and feeling grumpy.”

(Yes, there’s nothing quite like feeling miserable, and then letting your self-talk chide yourself for being selfish and narcissistic….)

But then, a quick email came into my mailbox, and I was once again reminded and refreshed that what I need is a perspective shift in order for my brain and my heart to focus on the things that really matter this season.

Proverbs 31 Ministries shared this in their Christmas email, and I would like to share it as well and pray that it allows everyone who reads it a fresh perspective .

Click Here for the PDF

And, may you be blessed this precious season and allow these words to focus and re-focus our hearts to the things that truly matter!

Merry Christmas!

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