The Recipe for Sneaky Ninja Memories

So Boundless Perspective is at it’s core, a promoter of connections. We believe wisdom is found not in one person but in the collection of ideas and experiences infinitely discovered through relationships, interactions, adventures, and even fun.

…So, when we come across something that fulfills our checklist of worthwhile activities, we can’t help but share it with others.

We strongly believe that Adventure, Fun, Learning, Wisdom, Trust, and Bonding all intersect at the point in which we ENGAGE in shared, new, and challenging experiences.

And that is why we HIGHLY Recommend products that facilitate growth in these areas. 

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to:

SNEAKY CARDS—Play it Forward


If we’re all honest, not everyone is comfortable talking to strangers.

And, how many of our kids (well, probably adults too) are so used to gluing their eyes to digital screens to pass time instead of making real eye contact with another living and breathing human being?

And, unless we just happen to be an extreme altruist, it’s not often that we hold the door for ten people or buy a random person a coffee either…….

SO, it’s time to stretch ourselves a bit. AND, what better way to stretch ourselves than to make a game of creativity and kindness while simultaneously MAKING HILARIOUS FAMILY/FRIEND MEMORIES????

And, because of just how cool the game is set up to be, we can track where our sneaky “ninja-ness” goes…..

SO, If you want to find out more, and trust us, YOU DO:

CLICK HERE to order a deck of “Pay it Forward” fun for less than the cost of one dinner out….(and for families looking for a cheap activity….you can’t go wrong with this.)

So Go Ahead, Channel Your Inner Ninja, Do Good, and Make Memories!

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