What If…

Sometimes my heart feels heavy. I struggle to see beauty and have a heart of gratitude when I get so caught up in what I want:

It goes something like this:

I want:

People to follow the rules

Adults to act like grown-ups.

Spouses to love sacrificially.

Homes to be safe for EVERY child.

All People to love and yet respect the differences of others.

And the list goes on…..

These are not bad wants….in fact the world could be a better place if these wants came to fruition.

However, the truth is:

They’re not perfect. I’m not perfect…and to be honest….we’re all a looooooong way from ever attaining perfection…

BUT, I realized something the other day…..

It’s not about what others do…It’s about finding my own place in the imperfection.

So, I started thinking:

What If…..

(Even for just one day)

I looked up instead of down?

I peered into eyes instead of electronic screens?

I engaged in personal relationships instead of proclaiming a picturesque life to my media “followers”?

I spent time helping in lieu of being entertained?

I invested money in serving instead of using it to be served?

I listened to the hearts of those crossing my path instead of wishing they didn’t interrupt?

I started understanding the intentions of others instead of judging them based on MY perception of their actions?

I laughed in companionship, smiled alongside, and cried with every person along the way?

Once again, I’m reminded….

God doesn’t want us to make others perfect…He wants us to love them and do so sacrificially…..

The amazing blessing that comes from this love is that the beauty returns. The peace comes back. And, again I have the opportunity to marvel at God’s genius that when we serve others, His heart manifests in our own with a contentment that only comes from giving up our WANTS to do the things that make the world a better place.

So, be brave! Let go of your wants, and embrace the MANY hearts that need God’s love!




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