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Zombies….My Personal Trainer

So, I love/loved running and ran quite a few races (never winning, but always enjoying). However, as life sometimes does, it got really hectic, and I persuaded myself to believe that taking time away from exercise was a great idea…...(In case you’re wondering….it was one of my LEAST brilliant thoughts).

BUT, by the time I realized this, I was sorely out of shape. All of the muscle and speed that I had once built up had diminished, and so I’m back to the beginning for training

This is where the Zombies come in. The consistent reminder of the long journey back to my “glory days” of health started becoming incredibly disheartening, and I began to dread workouts….UNTIL, I found the app, “Zombies, Run.”

If you haven’t seen it, It’s an app that tracks your speed and distance while also playing out a storyline where I, the runner, am fleeing zombies and trying to save the world. Zombies get louder at random times to indicate when it’s time to go faster….among lots of other fun things. And, while I know this may seem super silly, it allows a fresh perspective of joy instead of hearing the nagging voice of failure.

Now, all of the sudden, the workouts that I had started to dread have become completely different and quite literally a nice “change of pace”.

And so, the Zombies that chase me regularly apparently trying to eat my brains have also taught me 2 incredible Life Applications….

Number 1:

Mary Poppins was one smart lady…”Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down”….Or in my version, “Just a few zombies attackers make my workouts more fun…” (And now you’re singing it too….)

Number 2:

Looking backwards facilitates guilt and shame BUT moving forwards with a fresh perspective allows the view to be filled with contentment, silliness, fun, and a renewed thirst for exciting adventure…..and perhaps safety from the Zombie Apocalypse. 

So, go ahead….let fun motivate your change….you can learn a lot from a Zombie.

Click Here to find out more about this app….

(Note: I have not played through all of it and cannot vouch for it’s “Kid-appropriateness”)

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