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Real Men Play With Their Toys

When you become a 40 year-old individual, it is often wondered if one should act their age. ….Not really sure what that means….

 Is the “Over-the Hill” group doomed to practical presents or the occasional gag gift? Does shopping in the toy aisle need to be justified as looking for the kids?

I think not.

You see, I am all for hard work and responsibility, especially as a father. However, there is nothing wrong with maintaining the heart of a child at the same time.

This can be seen in the shows watched, the games played, or how to spend “fun money.”……(which is what I want to focus on now.)

From time to time I have a little extra cash deemed as “fun money”. You know, that money that is meant to be spent with the impractical in mind.

Even though I am officially over the hill, I have found myself always wanting to add toys to my cart….. Not collectibles that sit on the shelf,  but rather those toys that you tear open with a smile and look at in awe as your brain casts you off to a galaxy far, far away.

As I reflected on the gifts I received from my family this Christmas, each item had one common theme. They were designed strictly for fun!

Whether it be the new awesome videogame that keeps me exploring tropical islands, an action figure from one of my favorite movies, or a drone in the shape of my favorite smuggler’s spaceship, they all bring a simple joy to my day.

Not only does it allow me to embrace my inner child, but I love that my family encourages that as well. A young heart will be joyful, and as long as you always remember how to imagine and play, life will never be boring.

And let’s be honest, there’s no better stress reliever than to smile, laugh, and be silly!

So……Go ahead and get excited for your birthday. Ask for that toy you keep thinking you should buy your son (that you actually want). Watch that Disney show, AND, most of all….don’t be afraid to laugh.

Innocence and Playfulness are available to us at any age!

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