Comfy Pants….The Real You

So, my family knows that if they are short on gift ideas for me, the absolute perfect item to  wrap up is “comfy pants”. Some people call them “pajama pants”, other people call them “yoga pants”. Nacho Libre called them,  “Stretchy Pants”….whatever the title….they’re big, comfy, and most of all….cozy.

And, to be completely honest, I don’t have a preference of what kind they are: spandex, flannel, fleece, cotton, or wool. But, what I do know is that the minute I put them on, it’s time to relax. It’s time to let go of sucking in my stomach to look thinner during the day. It’s okay to let the make-up wear off and put away the lipstick for the day. AND, as we all know, nothing compliments comfy pants better than a ponytail or messy bun…..So, I know that it’s okay to even let my hair get messy.

It’s time to be me…..the real me that isn’t trying to fulfill a role.…the me that isn’t concerned about how I am going to fit a week’s worth of work into the next 24 hours….the me that isn’t troubleshooting or constantly striving to become better. It’s time to breathe. It’s time to relax, and it’s time to just take a second to bask in the peace that comes from a day full of worthwhile endeavors.

Sometimes we get lost in doing, in filling roles, in performance, in looking our best, and in striving to be more……Those are GREAT things…but we can’t live life at that pace 100% of the time.

We were created with a need for rest.  And so, sometimes we need to be okay to let our gut hang out, let our hair get messy, put on our comfy pants, put our feet on the coffee table, and just get really comfortable being who were were created to be…..even if only for a short time.

And so, in case you need it…’s your permission.

Put on your comfy pants, breathe a deep peaceful breath, get a cup of coffee, and celebrate the rest that comes with the contentment of just being you!

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